Homeownership still considered best long-term investment: Pew

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 · The real estate bust appears to have done little to alter Americans’ confidence in the investment value of homeownership. A robust 81% of adults said buying a home is the best long-term.

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Thus, the easiest way to homeownership is to tackle these problems head-on. Millennials should strongly consider working in job fields that have strong long-term demand. a college that gives you.

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If you’ve considered. people to name the best long term investments, 59% said "owning your own home." By contrast 52% said retirement account and only 26% said gold. So, remember – the American.

 · According to the new Pew Research Center survey, roughly eight-in-ten adults (81%) agree that “buying a home is the best long-term investment in the U.S.” Some 39% say they strongly agree that this is the case, while 42% somewhat agree.

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They pretend to do good, but in reality, these agencies are promoting home ownership at unaffordable levels. Real estate is a long-term hold, either as a home or as an investment. The lack of a.

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 · A recent Pew poll that phoned over 2,000 Americans last month revealed that Americans still have faith in real estate, with 80% of respondents indicating that they believe a home is the best.

With this information, residential areas like those noted in Texas are still being considered sellers markets. much of historical housing trends that focus in on home ownership as being the best.